Baroque decor in the kitchen

Baroque decor in the kitchen

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In the kitchen, the Baroque style oscillates between elegance and femininity. The forms are much less rounded and give way to sleek furniture dressed in bright materials and sober colors. Here are some neo-baroque cuisines to inspire you.

Feminine colors

Arthur Bonnet ### To bring a baroque touch to the kitchen, bet on feminine and glamorous colors. For example, you can opt for very glossy plum-colored furniture. The feminine colors will bring originality and cheerfulness to the kitchen.

Baroque patterns

Mobalpa ### If you want to play with simplicity on the color side, let yourself go on the pattern side. Opt for exuberant designs and baroque arabesques in black and white tones for a very graphic effect.

Brilliant materials

Goal ### For a very precious effect in the kitchen, bet on lacquered materials which will give a very glossy appearance to the room. The furniture will then reflect the light for a very spectacular whole.

Black for elegance

Aubade ### Finally, do not hesitate to bring black into your kitchen to bring a touch of elegance and mystery. You can install black on the worktop, furniture or even choose to paint a wall. Again, choose bright materials to keep the kitchen bright.