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Optimized entry in 10 tips

Optimized entry in 10 tips

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The entrance is a room in its own right even if it is very small! And precisely, it must be organized to optimize the little space available and gain storage and practicality. Discover 10 ways to better organize the entry in pictures.

Shoe cabinets

Ikea The entrance is ideal for storing your shoes in an easy and practical way. We then use dedicated furniture which has the advantage of being narrow so as not to take up too much space.

A 2 in 1 piece of furniture

Ikea For storing shoes, you can also bet on a bench with two storage shelves. The advantage is that the bench can be used to install to put on or take off the shoes.

Small practical storage

Ikea In the entryway, we mainly need storage compartments which allow us to slide the keys and other accessories that we need when leaving. To optimize the entry, you can therefore fix a few small drawers.

High storage space

Ikea To optimize the entry, consider using the height of the room. You can attach tall furniture and add baskets above the furniture for maximum storage.

Clothes storage

Ikea In the entrance, the coat hooks are essential for storing outdoor clothing and accessories. We do not hesitate to invest the wall but also the doors by fixing coat racks.

All in one furniture

La Redoute To optimize space, know that there are locker rooms that allow you to store clothes, shoes and even umbrellas to store everything in one compact place.

Practical shelves

Paragraph Finally, if you cannot install furniture in your entrance, prefer narrow shelves that you will attach to the wall according to your needs in order to deposit a storage compartment and some accessories.

Real storage cupboards

Leroy Merlin If your entry leads to a staircase, do not hesitate to use the space under the staircase which will allow you to install real furniture and transform this space into very practical storage.