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5 kitchens signed Cuisinella

5 kitchens signed Cuisinella

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The Cuisinella brand offers new colors to follow the trend! Magnolia model, Blackberry… make your choice!

Colorado Oak

Cuisinella ### Colorado Oak, which dresses the kitchens of the Véga range, will undoubtedly appeal to lovers of the great outdoors. Indeed, it is a new fairly dark and very textured wooden decor that recalls bright and wooded spaces. The whole gives a peaceful atmosphere to cook with serenity.

Trendy gray

Cuisinella ### Gray is once again one of the trendy colors for fall, we are even talking about new black. And to use this timeless in your kitchen, Cuisinella offers Confluence, a kitchen where different shades of gray are combined with very modern touches of stainless steel.


Cuisinella ### How about bringing color into your kitchen for a resolutely modern and vitamin-rich room? Thanks to the Look Star Mûre kitchen, your kitchen furniture is adorned with a very gourmet dark pink.

Orange pop

Cuisinella ### And to wake up the gray, Cuisinella does not hesitate to bring very pop colors into its kitchens. So you can add orange drawers to your gray kitchen to create a very original cocktail.