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A natural style decor in the living room

A natural style decor in the living room

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To make your living room a true haven of peace, opt for a natural style decor. Thanks to it, you will have the impression of being outside while staying in your room. Here are some ideas and decorative accessories for a very natural living room.

Outdoor furniture

Ripolin ### To furnish your living room, play the originality card! Opt for furniture that would naturally settle outside. Bet on hanging armchairs, rattan seats…

Nature stickers

Leroy Merlin ### You can also give a natural effect to your living room with stickers that will decorate the walls. There are large flowers, bamboos and other plants that will stick easily on your wall to create a very interesting plant effect.

A natural atmosphere

Dulux Valentine ### For a natural atmosphere, bet on a very soft decor. We then choose pastel green which we associate with natural colors. To impregnate the room with light, do not hesitate to leave free the openings to the outside. You can even turn the living room towards your garden.

The living room like a garden

Vpures ### To make the living room look like a real garden, we put on a multitude of plants which will come to revegetate the house. Do not hesitate to play accumulations with large pots of flowers.