Teenage bedroom: zoom on the trend of mezzanine beds

Teenage bedroom: zoom on the trend of mezzanine beds

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Because teens dream of an XXL mini studio room, you have to have ideas to push the walls as far as possible. Among them, the most popular solution is none other than sleeping high up. Zoom on the mezzanines through 7 separate layouts.

Relaxation and chat room under the mezzanine

La Redoute ** In the bedroom of the young ladies, rather than taking over the bottom of the mezzanine of a classic sofa, prefer a corner bench strewn with small velvet cushions as a relaxation corner. Here is an ideal idea to welcome friends at home! **

A mezzanine across the width of the wall to visually enlarge the space

Ikea ** When you have a sufficiently high ceiling, even in a spacious bedroom, the mezzanine proves to be a good idea to preserve the size of the room. In this case, it is better to place it on the wall opposite the entrance, in width rather than in length, in order to further amplify the feeling of space. When entering the room, no large piece of furniture blocks the visual field. Everything to give the "mini studio" effect. **

Mezzanine with integrated office: notice to studious teenagers

Delamaison ** The black epoxy finishes with a very contemporary look are not the only assets of this mezzanine. Very compact, it is suitable for small rooms, in addition, it has a workspace with integrated desk. On the bed side, the mattress has been replaced by a Japanese futon, much lighter and just as comfortable. It is generally placed on a straw tatami: a tendency to adopt on the side of teenagers! **

A loft-style mezzanine

Purpose ** As in a loft, the beams of this mezzanine are metallic, and the atmosphere too! Sofa, open and unobstructed room, here, you feel like in a studio. **

A click-clack under the mezzanine

Goal ** Because teenagers like to meet with friends to chat all evening, we invest the underside of the mezzanine with a click-clack: sleepover!

A 3 in 1 mezzanine

Leroy Merlin ** The 3 spaces that usually occupy the most space in the bedroom, namely, the dressing area, the office area and the sleeping area are combined here in a single space. Space saving guaranteed! **


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