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Cool attitude in the teenage bedroom

Cool attitude in the teenage bedroom

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At the age when we dream of independence, where we spend days in our room listening to music and where we wait for the weekend to invite friends, we want above all a room to the cool, trendy atmosphere. Discover this style specific to teenagers in 5 steps.

Road signs add style

Goal ### The highway code transposed into the decor is popular with teenagers. Sign of rebellion without doing too much, we say yes to the signs "Stop" and "No way"!

Boxed Business

Ikéa ### The essential storage for teenagers is boxes! At the age when tidying up is a real ordeal, these accessories are very practical, you stuff them all, then stack up. Because cool attitude also means putting things in order, as long as you don't take the lead.

Poufs in the foreground

Goal ### Comfortable, compact, easy to store: the favorite seat for young people is bean bags! In addition, these accessories are ultra decorative, there are all shapes and all colors! Everything to please.

Posters, paintings or urban stickers

Goal ### Side walls, the trend in the teenage bedroom revolves around the urban style, with favorite inspiration: New York City. Whether posters, paintings or stickers to decorate the walls, we direct the choice towards everything that embodies megalopolises. And yes, teens are above all big dreamers.