Animals have fun in baby's room

Animals have fun in baby's room

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On the bed linen, on the furniture, on the walls or on the floor, this season the bestiary trend makes a remarkable entry in the baby's room. Lion, monkey, rabbit, giraffe or mouse invest the decor in a swarm of colors and exotic patterns that bring out the sun and sweetness.

Little bear inspiration

PS International Transform the nursery into a real cozy space thanks to the cute, cheerful and playful wallpaper signed PS International. In full wall covering or in simple frieze, create a space conducive to the well-being and development of your child.

Jungle ambiance

VertBaudet Bring a touch as natural as decorative to the room of your toddler by opting for this curtain where monkey, zebra, giraffe and lion seem to play hide and seek with the pockets.

A rocking horse

Wide Open Photographies Arranged in a corner of the room, this wooden rocking horse will bring a touch of elegance, both natural and authentic to the nursery. An essential decorative object, if you want to bring a little animal touch to your child's room.

A graphic bestiary

Minakami Lab Original and design, the Animals wallpaper by Minakami Lab will appeal to young and old. Its graphic and offbeat style mixing fish, elephants, peacocks and parrots will find a special place in a trendy nursery. A modern Noah's ark that will not leave you indifferent.

Funny and fun stickers

Delamaison Mouse, cat, giraffe, elephant, bear or owl, participate in the awakening of your dear blonde head by creating in its bedroom a savannah or jungle countryside universe thanks to the stickers from the Zanimo collection. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Baby's room is doing its circus

Sigikid A carpet as original as it is aesthetic, a palette of warm colors, all on a playful and childish background, here is the carpet "circus animals". Elephant, giraffe or lion ... this joyful parade will bring good humor to the cozy nest of your little blond head.

So exotic!

Babysphère Tired of traditional baby rooms with soft and delicate colors? We put on a safari atmosphere in the room of our little one. For this, we select natural and light colors for the floor and walls and we choose stickers, a frieze and pictures decorated with our favorite animals.

Tangy universe

Decominus Playful and graphic stickers "La Ferme" in pastel colors will immerse your toddler in a joyful universe around the theme of the countryside and farm animals.

Rabbits do you want this

Idzif Bring your baby all the decoration necessary for his awakening and his imagination thanks to this collection of original and playful stickers seen on the Idzif site. Made in soft and soothing colors, rabbit stickers will find a place of choice in your toddler's room.


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