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Decorative rooms where light reigns

Decorative rooms where light reigns

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Who says return of the beautiful days, says want to wake up gently with the first rays of the sun. And what could be better than a room bathed in light to make the most of it: open to the outside, immaculate, pastel or colorful, cozy, bohemian, country or Nordic spirit… Let yourself be inspired by our 10 rooms that share beautiful in the light!

An immaculate bright bedroom

Bemz White is THE bright color par excellence. Here, we played the monochrome card by opting for a decor all dressed in white, from bed linen to the airy Japanese ball, passing by pretty candles and minimalist bedside tables.

A bright room open to the outside

Paragraph Postcard ambiance. Thanks to huge pivoting bay windows, this room opens to the outside and offers a breathtaking view of a magnificent hilly landscape. See you there already!

A bright bohemian bedroom

Bemz Relaxing atmosphere and bohemian atmosphere in this room which gives pride of place to light. Between pastel colors and raw wood and bamboo furniture, this is a room that makes us fall in love.

A cozy bright bedroom

AM PM Here, it's a large designer window that lets in light. And to sublimate the space, we bet on a decoration in pastel colors, made of pretty soft cushions, a bed set in cotton voile and a sublime quilt with black and white patterns for the graphic touch.

A bright country-style room

Bemz Country atmosphere in this large room where light reigns. We like: the floral wallpaper but not too much, the linen bed linen, the sober and charming decor and the raw wood parquet.

A bright room in blue tones

La Redoute Between tones of blue, anise green, taupe and white, this room offers a minimalist decoration very soft. Favorite for small bedside tables with ultra trendy compass legs.

A bright seaside room

Maisons du Monde Fine curtains avoid prying eyes while letting in light. Decorative side? We played the seaside card with a bed, an armchair and a rattan trunk / bed end, and for the color touch, we chose charming turquoise bedside tables.

A bright colorful room

Ikea The major advantage of this room? Large windows arranged above a well-stocked library. And for the touch of color, we chose a bed set in a vibrant orange print.

A bright Nordic-inspired bedroom

Maisons du Monde Light wood and soft colors make up this room with a Scandinavian spirit, where a soft light reigns, conducive to relaxation. To warm the room, add some soft cushions and a white pile carpet, voila!