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Urban design for garden furniture

Urban design for garden furniture

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Those who want to reclaim the pleasure of living outdoors without sacrificing the comfort and design of interior furniture will undoubtedly find their happiness at Metalco. Manufacturer of Italian furniture, Metalco specializes in high-end street furniture that will not fail to give style to your outdoor spaces. Discovery in pictures!

A highly design garden furniture

Metalco This garden furniture could be installed indoors perfectly as its design is flawless. Sofa, armchair and garden coffee table display pure and elegant lines which offer a comfortable and elegant relaxation area.

An original table

Metalco To associate with your armchairs, you will find original coffee tables which offer an openwork design. At nightfall, the tables turn into atmospheric lighting thanks to colored LEDs.

Chic sunbathing

Metalco Clean, these sunbeds offer an incomparable design to the garden. But even more, they are practical thanks to wheels, a breathable fabric and a special pocket for magazines and object holders.

A table for four

Metalco For lunches on the terrace, we adopt this painted steel table and nylon casters. It has "anti-wind" slots that allow the tablecloth to slide for a table that is always impeccable.

An outdoor kitchen

Metalco What if we cooked in the garden? This is possible thanks to increasingly sophisticated modules which are real kitchen units that accommodate sink and hobs.

The lounge chair reinvented

Metalco Metalco revisits the lounge chair to offer it an ultra-clean design and elegant materials such as satin stainless steel or painted steel. It is accessorized with an equally designer side table.

Armchairs for small terraces

Metalco Small terraces are also entitled to chic and design furniture! Practical, these chairs are stackable and available in trendy colors to give style to any exterior.

A barbecue with friends

Metalco Practical, this barbecue has a beautiful cooking surface and also adds trays which allow you to place some food for a convivial meal around the barbecue.

A designer garden shower

Metalco Who said that garden showers should not be aesthetic? At Metalco, she presents a bold and very refined design which makes it a sculpture of the garden.