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A nature style lounge

A nature style lounge

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To prolong the well-being and serenity of the holidays, why not create a natural decor in the living room? Discover 5 very natural atmospheres.

Natural but chic

Bleu Nature ### As for Bleu Nature, there is something to decorate a natural living room, all in a very design and refined look. The secret ? Fabric seat furniture for maximum comfort and driftwood legs.

Plants and flowers in the front row

Ikea ### What better way to bring nature inside than to invite flowers and greenery into the living room? On the program: flowery linen, cushions on the sofa, curtains on the windows, small potted plants and vases of flowers on the dressers and shelves. here, you breathe natural well-being.

Soft, round shapes

Fly ### So that the sweetness of nature takes possession of space, bet on decorative accessories and furniture with round shapes. The curves take hold of the sofa, rattan armchair and coffee tables, while the carpet decorated with pebbles refers to the seaside.

The natural appearance of the walls sets the tone

AM.PM ### When we are lucky enough to have stone walls, we highlight them to affirm the authentic side of the house. Here, the white wall lamp contrasts with the stone and gives it relief. Successful traditional and contemporary marriage! When you don't have stone walls, you can think of another wall covering embodying the spirit of nature: paneling.