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10 beautiful bookshelves for the living room

10 beautiful bookshelves for the living room

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Tidying up is one of the priorities in our interiors, but tidying up in style is even better! And the stars of the show in terms of decorative storage, it is undoubtedly the shelves and bookcases that perfectly dress the space while offering a good storage surface. Before making your choice, take a look at our 10 favorite shelves.

The shelf in industrial mode

Alinéa So that your library fits into your industrial style interior, the designers have adapted the models. Raw boards thus combine with materials such as metal for a very successful loft atmosphere.

A locker library

Conforama In a designer lounge, the library plays the card of pure lines with an accumulation of lockers that offer a very graphic rendering to adorn one of the walls of the room.

Unstructured shelves

Conforama In this designer lounge, the white bookcase is installed on a black background to create a graphic table. We like the unstructured shelves which offer lockers of different sizes to store books and decorative items in turn such as vases or plants.

Colorful scales

La Redoute In this pop interior, we play with the colorful shelves to bring good humor into the room. We put on libraries in the form of scales and we dare multiple colors.

A vintage library

Maisons du monde The trend is for retro furniture so why not opt ​​for a shelf in a vintage style? Style 50 with its freestanding furniture will perfectly highlight your works and give style to your room.

Classic shelves

Ikea To create library walls, we put on safe, simple and white values ​​which replace the wall and create a beautiful harmony while offering multiple storage.

A library with a sober design

Fly For a design spirit where nothing exceeds, you can also bet on classic shelves in elegant black wood. The library then plays the sobriety card to highlight the works.

An original shelf

Fly Do you want to store your books in an original way? Then choose these vertical shelves that allow you to store books horizontally for a totem effect much appreciated in design interiors.

A library with Scandinavian charm

Fly When the light wood dear to Scandinavian countries combines with an essential and functional design, this gives a shelf to integrate into any interior for a modern and warm style.