Riad Charlott ', a little corner of paradise in the heart of Marrakech!

Riad Charlott ', a little corner of paradise in the heart of Marrakech!

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## Riad Charlott ', a little corner of paradise in the heart of Marrakech! ** Fancy a vacation? Come on, we're taking you to Marrakech. And not just anywhere. The riad that we have reserved for you is well hidden in the heart of the Medina, at the end of a secret dead end. From the outside, a large wooden door. Nothing more. But when pushed, magic! We land in a sumptuous haven of peace causing enchantment and surprise. Here, the 5 rooms and suites are one of a kind: each with a different decoration. One common point: to shine with luxury, calm and voluptuousness, like the patio and the roof terrace ... Welcome to Riad Charlott '! **

The relaxation corner

Riad Charlott 'Adjoining the patio, this shaded space is a pure invitation to relaxation, cocktail or tea breaks! Furnished with an XXL oriental bench seat, incredibly soft cushions, and accessorized with an oversized mirror reflecting the view from the patio, its promise can be summed up in two words: chic and comfort.

Florine's room

Riad Charlott 'As for the rooms and suites, let's start at the beginning: namely, the youngest of the group, the Florine room. Nestled behind a small wooden door, it shakes up our desires for oriental decor. Exceptional bed overhung by a beautiful arabesque, whimsical carpet, slightly glittery walls and ebony door: the scenery is imminent!

The Jade Suite

Riad Charlott 'Small glimpse of the luxury enjoyed by the Jade suite: a spacious bathtub proudly enthroned in the middle of the room, in a refined atmosphere dotted with some typical notes (openwork metal sconces, satin materials ...). Yes, enjoying a bath after a good day of sightseeing, just a stone's throw from the bed, is a luxury, but an accessible luxury!

The Matthew Suite

Riad Charlott 'The magic of the Orient, intimate and glamorous version flourishes here, in the "Matthieu" suite. Against the background of effect paint and intensely silky textiles, the atmosphere is forged around the oversized chandelier, soft lighting and black & white dress code. Heart stroke !

The Valentin suite

Riad Charlott 'Could it be for its romantic character that this suite was named "Valentin"? Surely. Because beyond its precious walls with a glitter effect, its moucharabieh-like partitions and its openwork metal sconces, passion red punctuated with brown is here the common thread of a 100% "in love" decor.

The Pierre Suite

Riad Charlott 'The Pierre Suite, or when the tale of a thousand and nights takes an arty turn. Here, the ceiling height creates excess and the concrete gray color of the walls and the bed is punctuated with bright red accents. It is impossible to remain indifferent to this subtly twisting table, the oriental decor of the riad.

The night riad

Riad Charlott 'The riad Charlott' by night, it gives that! A "lounge" atmosphere expressed through colorful lights, nothing high-tech, enough to reveal a whole different facet of the patio and the terrace. And we who were looking to spend an evening in a trendy / trendy place in the heart of Marrakech!

The terrace

Riad Charlott 'It's not over. Now, we take you to the culmination of these 600m2 cared for to the nearest centimeter. Please note, this is where you marvel at the entire city, it is here that you overlook the hundreds of roofs in the medina. In the distance, you can even see the top of a mountain. In short, the view is divine. Now sit on one of the armchairs and couches that the terrace has to offer, or under an awning for lunch and laze away from the intense sun…

The terrace at night

Riad Charlott 'Go, one last for the end. Perched on the roof, we take advantage once again of the panorama, by the light of a few oriental candles… If the adventure tempts you, go to the riad Charlott 'website: For information, the nights for two people, breakfast included are: * - 78 € for the Florine room - 94 € for the Valentin suite - 115 € for the Matthieu suite - 115 € for the Pierre suite - 130 € for the Jade suite *


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