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A kitchen to settle in for meals

A kitchen to settle in for meals

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The kitchen is now a room open to the living room where you no longer hesitate to take meals in a very friendly way. We sit on high stools around the island or on tables provided for this purpose to transform the kitchen into a real dining room.

Along the work plan

Maisons du Monde ### What if we installed stools along the worktop? If your kitchen is long, you can easily install many stools to accommodate a large family or friends for an aperitif.

For a tête-à-tête

Goal ### For a tête-à-tête, opt for a space arranged at the end of your work plan. The space will be cleared to make room for the legs and you can use this surface as a work surface when you are not installed. A great place to have breakfast!

A round table

Lapeyre ### Some kitchens even offer a real table integrated into a lower worktop. Here the table is round with a single leg to take up a minimum of floor space and be able to slide stools underneath when you are not using it.

A bar in the kitchen

Lapeyre ### To be able to settle down easily as around a bar, bet on a kitchen which has a counter dedicated to meals. Indeed, the bar replaces a traditional table and saves space. It will also be an excellent work plan.