A decorative sink for the kitchen

A decorative sink for the kitchen

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In the kitchen, the sink must combine practical and aesthetic! It must be large enough to allow you to accommodate dishes but also vegetables. And on the decor side, we can afford original shapes and materials. Demonstration

A designer sink

Aubade ### For an ultra-designer sink, opt for a very sleek container with an ultra-modern drainer. For an original and modern rendering, we choose a black color that changes from the traditional white. All in a matt aspect.

A male sink

Aubade ### If you want to bring a masculine touch to the kitchen, choose a dark wood worktop and integrate a black lacquered sink whose shine will enhance the wood.

A contemporary sink

Lapeyre ### The contemporary sink uses new materials hitherto absent from the kitchen. We therefore choose a marriage of glass and stainless steel. The very shiny glass will enhance the matt appearance of the stainless steel.

A very clean sink

Lapeyre ### If you want a designer sink in clean lines, opt for white and a discreet drainer. We will take a two-bin model for practicality and put on a stainless steel mixer tap.


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