When nature is adorned with pink…

When nature is adorned with pink…

A little sweetness, in a nature that still hesitates in gray and soft green: this is what the first pink flowers of the year offer us. Whether it is the peach tree whose pink branches stand out against the blue sky, or even primroses which emerge on a background of green in the hollow of the ditches, this color supports all mixes, all marriages. It is also the emblematic color of romanticism that can awaken hearts. What do birds who find the pleasure of cooing in a nature loaded with flowers think?


J-F. Mahé A little further, in the ornamental garden, the magnolia in turn shakes its gray branches numbed by winter. Over their entire length, magnificent bells slowly open to capture the sunlight ... or to honor the return?


J-F. Mahé The camellia has not lost its magnificent foliage of a deep, glazed green. This does not prevent it from shining and collapsing in turn under flowers, each more captivating than the other. This one still in bud, this one half-opened or another fully blossoming, which one is the most beautiful?

Japanese quince

J-F. Mahé The quince tree from distant Japan is not to be outdone, its very particular elegance due to the silhouette of its branches with pointed ends.

Flowers currant

J-F. Mahé This one will not give fruit, but what does it matter? The flowering of the currant flowers occurs at a time still harsh in terms of weather, and where the presence of flowers helps to wait until milder periods. Very rustic and growing quickly, the currant flowers has a real role to play in the hedges.


J-F. Mahé There are both indoors and outdoors, perhaps to multiply the pleasure of contemplating their flowering, particularly abundant and vibrant. It should be noted, however, that azaleas fear excess heat as much as cold, not to mention that they require suitable soil, and that they can therefore be of an unclear culture.


J-F. Mahé Gai, colorful and could not be easier to succeed, saxifrage is a small perennial that we would be wrong to deprive ourselves, especially since its favorite fields - rock gardens and low walls - are those that most other plants ignore . Dedicate these spaces to it (saxifrage exists in many colors), you will quickly be rewarded, this plant being also of a rapid development.

The primrose

J-F. Mahé La primèvre offers a wide range of colors, all the more so when one is going towards horticultural varieties. If the wild varieties with pink petals - from mauve to more fuchsia tones - are not the most common, their charm is indisputable! Plant them in the shaded areas of your garden, they will please and brighten them with ease.

The oxalis

J-F. Mahé L'oxalis. This plant appeals to some for its decorative power which makes it easy to dress planters and hanging lights. Others see it as an invader which it is better to do without at the risk of not knowing how to get rid of it! It's up to everyone to make their own religion. Be that as it may, one cannot take away from this little flower the certain charm of its pink flowers whose heads spring up elegantly above a sea of ​​clover leaves.


J-F. Mahé Here is one that it is not easy to want to strip! We will therefore simply admire this double daisy with flowers in the shape of pompoms and petals of great finesse and great delicacy.