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Contemporary style decor in the kitchen

Contemporary style decor in the kitchen

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The contemporary style kitchen is an easy-going kitchen where the whole family meets to cook but also to take meals. It is therefore spacious with very useful worktops and has optimal storage.

Contemporary wood

Hygena ### Contrary to what one might think, wood can also be installed in a contemporary kitchen. We then choose a clear essence that we use for furniture with very clean lines. It can be combined with black and stainless steel to enhance the chosen wood.

Modern elements

Ikea ### A contemporary kitchen is very well equipped! It has a recent extractor hood, efficient ovens and all in stainless steel for a very contemporary appearance. Stainless steel also has the advantage of marrying all kitchen colors.

An open kitchen

Goal ### Now, the kitchens open onto the living room and dining room to open up the spaces like a loft. This makes it easier to prepare meals without isolating yourself and the service is also facilitated. The conviviality is there!

A kitchen to eat

Goal ### In contemporary kitchens, it is not uncommon to find high stools that allow you to sit around the island or on a work surface for quick and convivial meals such as breakfast or lunches on the go. A real practical asset.