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10 objects diverted to the bedside table

10 objects diverted to the bedside table

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To have a bedside table different from the others, we embark on "home-made", or home-made in French. To help you do this, here are 10 ideas to steal from others to create an original bedside table: stepladder, book, tree trunk ... beware, there is something to be surprised about. Discover our objects diverted to the side table for the bedroom!

A trunk bedside table

Casasugar In the raw version, we cut a tree trunk in the garden of our parents or neighbors, and here we are with an original side table in the bedroom. Remember to clean it and check that the wood is not damaged inside.

An ottoman bedside table

Dormify Normally installed in the living room, near the sofa, the pouffe has sneaked into the bedroom, to settle down next to the bed. Here it is with its psychedelic motif, which gives the room an extra pop touch.

A stepladder bedside table

Atelierdedrine An unused and a little tired stepladder becomes an asset in the decoration of our room. It is simply treated against small animals who would like to invite themselves and voila. Another DIY (do it yourself), done in a very short time.

A bedside table in book

Heylen With old books that you can repaint and some metal brackets, as well as a good tube of glue, you create shelves to fix near the bed to put your lamp, glasses and of course a book. Be careful not to paste a book that we have not yet read. That would be a pity. To follow the procedure: click here.

A suitcase bedside table

Homesweethome By adding 4 feet to a classic suitcase, we end up once again with a very original bedside table. Like the trunk, it also becomes an additional storage space. Convenient for small spaces.

A painted bedside table

The Cherry on the Cake On the same principle as the tree trunk, this time we push the exercise of style a little further by taking the time to repaint our pieces of tree. All of the same color, large and wide or small and thin, it's up to you to choose to best match your decor.

A pallet bedside table

Phibuzz New York lofts still remember this and to add an industrial touch to a room that is too feminine or that lacks originality, we make a bedside table with a few pieces of factory pallets.

A wire spool bedside table

Espritrepense We spot them from time to time near construction sites, they are originally made to wind electrical cables on new constructions. But once passed through our hands, a simple coil turns into an original bedside table. The idea in addition: place your books underneath, turning around the central rod.

A travel trunk bedside table

Teisouslestilleuls In XXL version or smaller, we choose a beautiful trunk of yesteryear, as a bedside table. Practical, it generally does not cost much in the flea markets and other garage sales. In addition, it acts as storage, where you can slip clothes or books if you run out of space.