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Picnics: everything to transport food!

Picnics: everything to transport food!

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The style of the picnic, sometimes chic, sometimes relaxed, depends on the tablecloth, the dishes, the menu, but also the container in which it is transported! Basket or tupperware? It's up to everyone to choose their favorite model.

Pretty boxes

Ikea Well packed in divine celadon green boxes, the picnic menu proves to us that large baskets do not have a monopoly on sophisticated transport.

Essential tupperware

Ikéa The flagship accessory for casual picnics is tupperware. A great classic in which we have not finished transporting our sandwiches and snacks of all kinds.

Cooler bags

Ikéa To keep the drinks accompanying our picnic breaks cool, impossible to do without insulated bags!

Braided rattan trend

AM.PM The saga of chic baskets continues with this woven rattan model, which, barely open, reveals all its riches: bread, fruit, bottles and a touch of authenticity: Vichy tiles!

Functional shopping bag

A bag so that nobody suspects that we are going on a picnic, we are taking! You just have to unzip it on the side to catch the bento hidden there ...

XXL basket

Zara Home Filled to the brim, this very chic white and white basket accompanies our picnic breaks in style.

Strapped bags

Geneviève Lethu Easy to transport, these multi-format bags that you hold in one hand or that you hang on your shoulder, carry around safely, drinks, fruits and vegetables.

Classic basket

Zara Home And one more. A basket with flap in which vegetables, bread and dishes are huddled. Or the embodied proof, that even classic, on the tablecloth, it is he who sets the tone!

Classic tupperware

Ikéa To transport ready-made preparations (a mixed salad, homemade pasta and company), nothing like a tupperware to not spill anything!