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Trend: we dare to mix color

Trend: we dare to mix color

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To bring good humor into the house, that is to say that colors are your allies! Besides, we no longer hesitate to mix them to multiply the good mood by the number of colors used. Are you chilly? We give you the proof that it works in 10 images.

Colors in the garden

La Redoute In the garden, the colors give the furniture some pep! So we do not deprive ourselves and we multiply the colors: two vividly marry skillfully with a darker color like gray.

Good mood in the bathroom

La Redoute To start the day off right, we adopt the colors in the bathroom! Bet on towels of different colors and do not hesitate to display your bathroom linen as a decorative object.

Colors on the wall

Dulux Valentine Walls are a real field of expression! You can apply as much color as you want by creating pretty patterns as is the case for this headboard made with green paint and in two shades of yellow.

A colored wall

Fly And to bring color to the wall, it's not just painting! You can opt for a storage wall with lockers that you choose multicolored. We then mix blue, yellow, green and pink without complex.

Colorful chairs

Fly To give tone to your dining room, you just have to match the color of the chairs. Good humor is at the rendezvous and originality also with yellow, blue and red.

Colorful bed linen

La Redoute For bed linen you can also bet on color! We then choose a dominant bright color and play with one or two brightly colored cushions to wake up the set and create a more summery atmosphere.

Dynamic cuisine

Paragraph In the kitchen, color is a real ingredient of good humor. We can opt for color on cupboards, shelves and chairs, taking care to choose three different colors to spice up the decor.

The armchairs of good humor

Maisons du monde In the living room, you can bet on colored armchairs. We then put on three identical models which will be differentiated by their bold colors which give character to the whole room.

Colors in total look

Maisons du monde Seeing life in color is a matter of taste. Where some will play shy with one color, the most extroverted will dare the total colorful look by mixing colors from floor to ceiling.