"Botanical" inspiration in all rooms of the house

"Botanical" inspiration in all rooms of the house

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Plant science has never been so trendy. In recent months, the "botany" mania has indeed invaded the decor, so that everyone finds a way to adopt it in their own way. Here are some ideas to inspire you!

Indoor garden

AM.PM Moving the garden in the living room, do you like it? You just have to sow some aromatic plants under glass and, rather than labeling them, you can accompany them with a nice drawing that represents them. The chic botanical touch!

Cabinet of curiosities

Ferm Living In the entry, the living room or the corridor, we frame a board representing plants of all kinds and we accompany it with miniature plants, even a wacky vase in natural green. The room suddenly takes on the air of a cabinet of curiosities…

Experimentation area

Thank you What could be better than a special "gardening" space that is perfectly equipped for all of our plant experiments?

Well-kept works

Ikéa In the garage, a large grass-colored piece of furniture shelters our plants, but not only. The space is well chosen to have botanical books. You will be well informed when gardening!

Applied botany

Ikea On the terrace, we are fans of these improvised touches of greenery in a bag, in newspaper, in a recycled lantern ... The desire to garden first!


Spoiler Here are three chic botanical style frames that you can hang in the bedroom or in the hallway. How not to succumb?

For the love of plants

Ikéa Here is a perfectly controlled space, linking botanical and gardening: get inspired!


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