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A retro style bathroom

A retro style bathroom

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In the bathroom, the retro style allows you to take a timeless break to relax. Between a classic style and the charm of a family home, the bathroom takes on the look of yesteryear. Here are some inspirations to give it a retro style.

A colorful bathtub

Evgeny Evgrafov We can make the centerpiece an original piece by painting it green to recall the sixties era: guaranteed effect!

Retro chic atmosphere

Hervé Goluza Play the sobriety card for a retro chic atmosphere: old-style shower, aged mirror and patterned floor will be there.

Checkered tiles

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco The checkered tiles, the old style of the door, the soap dish attached to the wall… So many details that make the difference to create a very authentic retro atmosphere!

Antique furniture

La Redoute To give a retro style to the bathroom, we choose antique furniture that contrasts with today's bathrooms. We put for example on an old wooden piece of furniture to put the basins, we multiply the mirrors and we opt for unusual accessories like baskets and a ladder.

A stripped down atmosphere

Farrow and ball Opt for a stripped down atmosphere by integrating in the bathroom the minimum of elements to recall the bathrooms of yesteryear. On the other hand, bet on strong elements: a stainless steel suspension, a sink that looks like a small wash-house and colors in retro tones on the walls.

Raw materials

Leroy Merlin Choose raw materials to enhance the bare appearance of the bathroom. With a concrete effect and shades of gray in the room, voila.

A bathroom full of memories

Leroy Merlin Design the bathroom like any other room. To do this, make your room look like a family home by decorating it with photos and other objects that make sense to you. The wallpaper gives a very retro effect even if it is not recommended in this room.

Noble materials

Aubade Do not hesitate to use noble materials in the bathroom to give it a chic and old side. We opt for marble, a leather chair and beautiful parquet on the floor. Choose black and white for even more elegance.