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10 lounges where life is good

10 lounges where life is good

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The living room, this living room where today we like to relax, because we feel good there. We dine there in front of the television, we receive friends for a watered evening but some also come to work or play with the little ones. To make everyone feel good in this friendly room, the editorial staff has selected 10 salons to inspire you and gives you its advice and other decorating tips.

A comfortable living room

Alinéa What could be better than a soft and extremely comfortable sofa. You can take all possible positions: cross-legged to work with your computer, lying down to relax in front of a good movie or sitting with friends around a pretty transparent table like at Alinéa.

A reading room

Alinéa A large library at the back of the room allows you to animate a wall that is too white, but also to display your tastes in terms of reading. We also place some original and personal objects there for the decorative touch. The moments of rest are now in the living room, a good book in hand.

A vintage living room

Alinéa As in a country house that haunts our childhood memories, or at a distant aunt's, we bring this vintage atmosphere so familiar, in our own living room. An old clock or recycled boxes for storage near the sofa, accessorize contemporary furniture with more subtle touches to evoke the past, without falling back into it.

A multi-function lounge

Ikéa As rents are higher and higher, areas tend to be smaller. No worries, we do not ignore the decor or comfort provided: kitchen, living room, dressing room, office ... We arrange its space according to its needs by thinking of climbing to save space on the ground .

A cozy living room

Ikéa With a long pile carpet, we can already imagine the long hours spent in the living room reading a book, drinking a tea, or in front of a fireplace for the lucky ones, all with bare feet, but without catching cold. We love !

A well-lit living room

Ikéa With large bay windows, the question does not arise. However, we are thinking of installing curtains and curtains to modulate the light. If you do not have large windows, add many light sources to create different atmospheres as the hours of the day.

A lounge on the ground

Ikéa Japanese version, the living room descends from one level to be almost at ground level. It was out of the question, however, to be in an uncomfortable position. Ikéa offers floor cushions to mix with each other for a unique and fun living room.

A fashionable lounge

Ikea A few bargain pieces, such as this large oriental rug, combined with a colored sofa and a designer lamp ... this should be something for everyone. We add some plants for the green touch and a large collection of books. Finally a living room that looks like us and where we feel good!

An immaculate living room

La Redoute To satisfy everyone, we also think of maniacs and other fans of cleanliness who will only feel good in a living room in order and where nothing exceeds. We understand them, once cleaning and storage, we can finally sit on the sofa to enjoy a moment of relaxation.