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Children also have the right to their garden furniture

Children also have the right to their garden furniture

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Because it is not only parents who benefit from the garden, children also have their dedicated garden furniture in order to have a good time when the sun comes up. Discover our selection to install near your garden furniture.

Small benches and stools

Ikea To take a snack outside, we put on small tables that we decorate with benches and floor cushions so that the little ones can enjoy the good weather.

Small side tables

Leroy Merlin For children, we put on small multifunctional furniture like these tables which can be used as side tables for tasting but also as seats for chatting with little friends.

Small camping table

Ikea To remind picnics of school outings, we can offer them a miniature version of a camping table so that they can have fun in the garden. And this wooden table will easily adapt to your garden.

Floor cushions

Maisons du monde Because the little ones also like to settle directly on the ground, we offer them pouffes and floor cushions to make the garden more comfortable but still as friendly. And we love the bright colors of the textile!

Children's rocking chair

Maisons du monde To bask on the terrace, the little ones also have the famous rocking chair! It then takes small dimensions to adapt perfectly to the size of toddlers and make them enjoy the relaxing spirit of this armchair.

Romantic garden furniture

Maisons du monde To meet the romantic and rustic furniture of parents, we also find the mini version! Bench, chair and table, nothing has been forgotten so that children can do like the grown-ups.

Armchairs like parents

Maisons du monde Even if you want your child's garden furniture to best suit your own, choose the same! There are now many adult models in miniature chewable version.

Fermob kids version

Fermob The famous brand of metal garden furniture also thinks of children and has developed a special line to adapt to the little ones while remaining ultra decorative in the garden.

Colorful set

Paragraph Finally, to put color in the kindergarten, we put on a set of table, chairs and even deckchairs that display bright colors that we do not hesitate to mix.