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7 ideas to enhance the bedroom

7 ideas to enhance the bedroom

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A bedroom is more complex than a single bed, a desk and a dressing room. A bedroom is an intimate place, a room where we like to feel at peace: in short, it is a place that must reflect our personal tastes and a soft and restful spirit. To do this, just follow a few decor rules ...

Personalize the room with decorative objects and small paintings

Ikéa ### Because the bedroom is an intimate space, its charm is reflected above all in these small objects that we care about (trinkets, postcards, photo frames, vase…). By putting them on stage on the wall or on the shelves, not only do you brighten up and punctuate the room, but in addition, you assert your character and personality in this very own place.

Soft, subdued lighting

Goal ### Example in image of practical and harmonious lighting both in the bedroom. The arched floor lamp gently lights up the whole space once night falls, the candles are ideal for creating a romantic and subdued atmosphere, while the bedside lamps allow you to savor moments of reading, quietly installed in his bed.

Dress the windows

AM.PM ### In order to rest well at night, the windows must still be obscured. Apart from shutters, blinds and curtains are good solutions to obtain the darkness necessary for optimal sleep. In addition, by choosing them in the tones and style of the room, these elements that dress the windows reveal their very decorative side. Venetian blinds for an exotic look, Roman blinds for a romantic aspect, colored curtains in a bright or pop atmosphere ... there is something for everyone!

A natural touch

Goal ### Did you know that plants have soothing properties? Everything related to nature contributes to Zen attitude. Don't hesitate! An orchid branch, a potted plant, a bonsai, an olive tree: whatever your preferences, bring a touch of greenery into the room to enhance it and bring it natural serenity.

A mirror to visually enlarge the space

Goal ### Oh mirror my beautiful mirror… Of course, mirrors are essential accessories for dressers and dressing tables that women prepare for, but that's not all. Suspended from a wall, preferably in front of an opening, they reflect outside light, thus providing brightness and a feeling of space in the bedroom. Framing in driftwood with a spirit of nature, in wrought iron in baroque style, multifaceted design-style mirror… an infinite variety of styles to assert your decor.

A headboard

AM.PM ### Central furniture in the bedroom, the bed deserves to be given decorative attention if you want to enhance the room. To highlight it, why not bet on a headboard? By choosing it in a dark color, it will have the advantage of bringing out the color of the bed linen and will allow you to play the decorative card thanks to the contrast created between the wall and the cushions.


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