Crockery, canned food, household appliances: the kitchen exposes everything!

Crockery, canned food, household appliances: the kitchen exposes everything!

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The kitchen drops the mask. Until then, household appliances, utensils, dishes, tea towels and sweets were carefully hidden in her cupboards. Now, they go out in broad daylight, self-attributing the title of decorative objects. Nice, no need to go very far to accessorize this space, or spend a penny to strengthen your personality! Small overview.

The kitchen exhibits its small household appliances

Darty The design of small household appliances has evolved so much, now flourishing, behind an aesthetic of choice, that we would have to lose to put it away in the closet. Just see this one, proudly displayed on the work plan. Its round lines and indigo color almost merge with real decoration accessories!

Kitchen displays cans

Ikéa Arranged in pretty boxes and glass jars, cereals, coffee seeds, diced sugars and company get a makeover. So it would be a shame not to show them in broad daylight, on dedicated shelves.

The kitchen exposes its sweet treats

Darty Our sense of "sweetness" is on the rise in the kitchen. Normal, we chose to make treats and cakes, works of art. On the work plan, we are in awe of their pretty colors and their enticing shapes. An innate artistic talent that we would be wrong not to highlight ...

The kitchen displays its tea towels

Ikea Tea towels are not ugly! Proof with this dedicated clothes line on which several plain, striped or checkered models brilliantly accentuate the decorative style of the kitchen, in this case, a touch of retro.

The kitchen displays its utensils

Purpose The credenza bars are practical and trendy. Practical because they allow us to keep on hand, useful utensils for preparing meals. Trends, because exhibiting this extra material creates, as in family homes of yesteryear, a traditional touch, very welcome in the kitchen.

The kitchen displays its finest plates

Ikéa Before even leaving its traditional dishes uncovered, the kitchen wanted to stage its most beautiful plates. Handmade designs and chic mood on the program. Something to transform into beauty and originality, the wall decoration!

The kitchen displays its pans

Our stove matriochkas have been doing much better since they made the wall. No more storage kit: here, they have an individual place and are, as a bonus, beautifully noticed. Divinely retro.

The kitchen exhibits its "bazaar"

Fly The little things that exist only individually: towel racks, oven mitt, trivet ... etc, feel in better company, once gathered around the splashback and better in their skin since they display freely!

The kitchen displays fruits and vegetables

Darty Coming out of the refrigerator and not from the cupboards, fruits and vegetables have also chosen to enter the dance of unexpected kitchen decor accessories. This is what will delight them.