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Gardens, garden 2014: Truffaut bets on exoticism

Gardens, garden 2014: Truffaut bets on exoticism

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For its 11th edition, Jardins, Jardin is moving to the Tuileries from June 6 to 9. had the chance to go there in preview, the opportunity to share with you our favorite for the beautiful scenography imagined by Truffaut. Let yourself be inspired by this exotic garden in the heart of the capital.

Exotic plants

The space imagined by Truffaut is sublimated by many varieties of exotic plants. Cordilyne, Dasylirions, Aloe verra, Agave, Yuccas rostrata and Dracaena create a harmonious palette of greens. Change of scenery guaranteed!

A design & relaxation area

Located in the center of the exotic garden, the design & relaxation space features the group's new brand: Truffaut Design, whose first furniture collection is signed by Christophe Pillet. Comfort, simplicity and durability characterize this collection, as comfortable indoor as outdoor. Composed of a large rectangular table and another square, an armchair, a chair, a pedestal table, a low armchair or "Lounge chair" and a footrest, the Christophe collection Pillet is made of epoxy finish aluminum, 100% recyclable and is available in 3 colors: white, champagne or anthracite. Easy to maintain, all models are guaranteed for 2 years.

Large bamboos

To intensify the impression of grandeur that emerges from this exotic garden and amplify the change of scenery, large bamboos have been planted over the entire surface of the garden. Most ? They allow the scenography to be structured with style.

Large sheers

Who says exoticism, says light curtains to protect themselves from mosquitoes and other pests. Here, large curtains also structure the space while transporting us to distant destinations.

Colorful beanbags

In addition to the indoor / outdoor furniture imagined by Christophe Pillet, a few colorful poufs are placed at the four corners of the catwalk. Ideal to relax and take a well-deserved break under the Parisian sun, because let's not forget, we are always in the capital!

Large pots

Ideal for highlighting the large exotic plants that decorate the space, large pots decorate the walkway and delimit the design & relaxation space.