A design Christmas for children

A design Christmas for children

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For this Christmas, the kids are getting into design! We selected just for them, a list of gifts from which you can draw to transform their room into a trendy space where clean lines play the fun card. Discover 10 Christmas gifts to give to toddlers.

Colorful and designer chairs

Vitra And if you prefer Vermeer Panton, know that Vitra also offers miniature version chairs of the famous Panton Chair that adults adopt in their decor.

An original night light

Slide At Slide, light is at the center of creation, so when the brand thinks of children, it gives night lights in the shape of men with clean and playful lines dressed in pastel colors.

A wallpaper just for kids

Bartsch For the decoration of their walls, we call on Bartsch who offers pretty poetic wallpapers that are sure to make little ones dream. We love the cloud version and its golden reflections.

A comforter light

Suck UK For the little ones' bedside lamp to turn into a real comforter, we adopt this funny light that is nothing more than a lampshade fixed to the body of a teddy bear.

Cabinets like no other

Kast van een Huis How can you please your children with a storage cabinet? Simply by offering them these original creations which take over typical Amsterdam houses and which will give a playful atmosphere to the room.

Animal-shaped seats

Magis Here is a new companion that the little ones will adopt without any harm in their decor. This little colorful elephant is in fact a very designer seat that will put a good mood in the children's room.

The rocking chair revisited

Magis Your children may prefer dodos, these funny colorful animals that sway slightly to entertain the little ones.

A multifunctional chair

Magis Very design, this object will not fail to amuse the children. It serves as an armchair but also as a rocking horse depending on the direction in which it is arranged. A real playful play.

A poetic suspension

Pa Design For your children to fall asleep with their heads in the clouds, it is this pendant lamp that must be adopted because their lighting will then be a pretty poetic cloud.