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Design inspiration: hotels dare to design

Design inspiration: hotels dare to design

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Forget everything you have learned about decoration. Today we dare everything! Patterns, colors, materials mix endlessly and mock pre-established codes. Get inspired by pushing the doors of four new Parisian addresses: Hotel Thoumieux, La Maison Favart, Hotel Paradis and Hotel Emile…

The Maison Favart

La Maison Favart Jouy canvas wallpaper rubs against the strict and straight lines of the fabric that lines the sofa. This atypical mixture mixes an 18th century decor with more current patterns.

Maison Favart, the Lobby

La Maison Favart In a powder pink and pearl gray decor, the lobby of La Maison Favart hotel also mixes up the patterns. Harlequin, art deco and nature scenes punctuate the decoration for a refined and cozy decor.

The Emile Hotel, the Room

Hotel Emile The profusion of different patterns helps to create a decor that is both intimate and cozy. Geometric, cane and floral patterns invade the walls, the floor and the fabrics.

The Emile Hotel, The Suite

Hotel Emile The suite at the Emile hotel mixes geometric, stylized and floral patterns. Another decorative asset in this attic room, color is coming in with blue. Like a summer sky, it helps to energize the decor.

The Paradis Hotel, the beige room

Hotel Paradis Another way to adopt the mix of patterns without taking risks is to stay in the same tones. As at the Hôtel Paradis, the beige plant wallpaper mixes with the stripes on the headboard and cushions.

The Hôtel Paradis, the Blue Room

Hotel Paradis Plus daring but harmless blue and beige intertwine to bring out the patterns of wallpaper and carpet.

The Paradis Hotel, the Lobby

Hotel Paradis The hotel lobby is betting on a variation of gray. Cement tiles, wallpaper and fabric on the chairs each have their own motif for a successful marriage.

The Thoumieux Hotel, the Office

Hotel Thoumieux The Hotel Thoumieux decorated by India Mahdavi bets on motifs as different as: plants, leopard skin, and geometric.

The Thoumieux Hotel, the Room

Hotel Thoumieux Here, the visual has all its importance. The lines are curved, break and intertwine. The patterns mix, the furniture is atypical and the colors collide.