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Give a bistro style to your kitchen

Give a bistro style to your kitchen

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This is the big decorative trend of the moment! The bistro atmosphere takes over our kitchens for our greatest pleasure. Counter, dishes, furniture, here is a selection of elements that will allow you to revive the spirit of "local coffee".

A holiday look

LA MAISON DE VALERIE ### The little bistro chair is adorned with fireworks of colors to infuse a beach cafe atmosphere into your kitchen. To stay in the spirit, marry it with a white table covered with table runners or sets in the same color.

Countertop spirit

HYGENA ### The sobriety of the wood and the color will bring a real coffee atmosphere to your kitchen. Adopt the small counter with two high stools to finalize your decor. Very design, it is also very practical and will allow you to save space and delimit the space on an open kitchen.

Bistro tableware

ALINEA ### Create a bistro spirit in your kitchen with your dishes. Choose small multicolored ceramics and cutlery in the same spirit. Both practical and stylish, these accessories will make all the difference on your worktop.

The authenticity of the wood

LA REDOUTE ### And if you imagined your bistro decor for your kitchen around a single theme: wood? Adopt it for your seats, your furniture. Enhance your atmosphere with colored decorative objects such as old posters fixed on wooden supports. Opt for light fixtures in steel or light tones.