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Yellow wakes up the toilet

Yellow wakes up the toilet

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Too often neglected, we add a touch of color to our toilets. The design, the decor and the right dose of yellow add a lot to this small room: it becomes a space to highlight and care for. We no longer hesitate: with a few accessories, on the wall or on the floor ... with small touches or all-over, yellow is everywhere in our toilets.

Yellow in the toilet

Renova Rénova, the toilet paper brand of all colors, offers us a version in a clear yellow that will add color to the toilet, without breaking the bank.

Light yellow on vacation

DR A pretty straw yellow, reminiscent of some houses in the South of France, a warm light for Provence, Italian marble ... You can color your room to go on vacation without leaving your home. Breathe calmly and feel the warmth on your skin.

Vintage yellow

DR Retro atmosphere for this furniture that follows the vintage trend that we love. Associated with gray, it has the advantage of giving a touch of color without being garish or too flashy for the more chilly.

Yellow stripe

KG In recent years, the trend of two-color paint in a room has returned. It is found in all rooms, even in the toilet. The secret, choose a height suited to the size of the wall and two colors that go together: yellow and white? The bet is won!

Yellow like NYC

Leroy Merlin New-York City. The American dream. This time our toilets make us travel even further: cross the ocean and go to New York. With a few decorative accessories, we find ourselves in the blink of an eye. Yellow like the color of the hundreds of taxis that roam the streets.

Yellow all-over

DR For those who are not afraid of anything, we dare yellow everywhere: all-over. Wall, floor, ceiling, accessories… It has invaded space. We can not say that your interior lacks personality.

Yellow and turquoise

Leroy Merlin Yellow is a color that can be difficult to combine because it is little used in decoration. With white, we took little risk, here with a sharper blue, here we are facing a shocking duo that will make people envious.

Yellow pattern

DR As dug in the wall, this surprising creation has the merit of overflowing with originality. On our side we would prick this tone of yellow, so cheerful. True happiness in the bathroom. As well as the idea of ​​shapes that evolve on the walls.

Yellow but not only ...

Aubade Latest proposal for this slide show in yellow: Aubade makes our eyes wide. When Mondrian meets Castelbajac this is what it gives. One thing is certain, the toilets are awake!