A weekend in southern Ardèche

A weekend in southern Ardèche

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A Mediterranean climate conducive to holidays, magnificent natural sites, charming small medieval villages leaning against the rock, a cuisine that smells of Provence ... Here is what awaits you if you decide to visit for a weekend (or more!) ruomsois country in southern Ardèche. Small guided tour to whet your curiosity ...


Labeaume in music You can take advantage of the "Labeaume in music" festival, from July 21 until August 24, which offers concerts of classical and outdoor music to discover the most beautiful natural sites in the village of Labeaume. Surrounded by cliffs, this charming little pebble village winds its narrow cobblestones and offers visitors magnificent views. Take advantage of the river beach at the foot of the cliffs, or stroll through the woods in the middle of the limestone rocks which give a very special charm to the landscape.

Hotel restaurant La Chapoulière - Ruoms

La Chapoulière hotel restaurant In the evening, meet in a charming hotel, La Chapoulière, in Ruoms, at the foot of the Sampzon rock. The rooms are comfortable and elegant, tastefully decorated in soft colors and well matched. You can also taste the chef's refined cuisine, pleasing to the taste buds although not Ardèche…

Calvary Dolmen

H. Briaire The Ardèche du Sud, its Mediterranean climate as well as its beautiful and numerous natural sites is ideal for hiking. To discover different landscapes, choose a hike to the small village of Saint Alban Auriolles, which is at the confluence of 3 rivers, the Ardèche, the Chassezac and the Beaume, and extends over the dry garrigue on one side and on the agricultural plain of the other. On part of your route, you will discover a prehistoric necropolis with dolmens dated between 5000 and 4000 BC, like the Calvary dolmen.

Ardèche by canoe

M. Lefevre And if you are athletic and want to change from hiking, the Ardèche rivers and their gorges are perfect for canoeing!

Ecological cottage Le Nid des Anges

Sokebana - Le Nid des Anges And if you have succumbed to the charms of the Ruoms region of southern Ardèche, that you have decided to extend your stay and your discovery perimeter, that you are keen on nature, and that you are looking for a gîte offering relaxation and serenity, do not hesitate to knock on the door of the ecological lodging Le Nid des Anges in St André-Lachamps. The setting is magnificent and conducive to a natural sweetness of life.