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Selection of decorative wine cellars

Selection of decorative wine cellars

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Are you actively looking for a wine cellar to store your bottles? You will have to find the model that corresponds to the number of vintages you want to store, but also choose the one that will go best in your interior. We have selected several styles of wine cellars for the living room or the kitchen. All you have to do is make your choice!

A cellar that blends in with the decor

Candy In the kitchen, prefer a small wine cellar if you don't have a huge cellar and want to use it more so you always have a bottle cool. This built-in model combines directly with kitchen elements and household appliances.

A design model

My wine cellar The My wine cellar site offers unique models for storing your drinks, such as this sober and design cellar that will go perfectly with a warm interior. Here, the bottles are stored away from view, which will further intrigue your guests.

Have a second refrigerator

Norcool Norcool, the specialist in the wine cellar, offers a built-in model in the kitchen (reference 20 BI). Whether you integrate it in height or not, the twenty-two bottles of wine that it can accommodate will be part of your storage elements like an oven or a built-in fridge. The little extra? LED lighting which allows a better distinction between wines.

A home bar

Drawings Drummond For lovers of alcohol and good wine - be careful, consume with moderation - the architects Drawings Drummond have made this bar to measure. The latter has a counter for preparing cocktails and serving glasses, but also a wine cellar, fridge and cupboards in this all-in-one space.

Wine in the kitchen

La Sommelière Who said that wine should stay in the cellar? For more practicality, this wine cellar fits perfectly into a kitchen, at the end of the worktop. Each shelf is at a different temperature and a backlight makes it easier to see your wines in the evening.

An original form

Universal Décoration To avoid having the same wine cellar as your neighbors, forget about rectangular or square shapes! There are models custom made by professionals, depending on your space and your storage needs. This piece of oak furniture thus accommodates bottles in an alcove.

A storage unit like any other

Monogram This kitchen creates the illusion that it only has classic cupboards, and yet it contains a vertical drink cabinet and a rectangular wine cellar. This arrangement is ideal in a room with central island or in a small space.

When wine is part of the decor

Perene The Perene kitchen designer has integrated a very stylish wine cellar into a voluminous storage unit, which complements refined furniture. This open kitchen leads directly to a living room, where you can easily serve a glass of wine to your friends.

A discreet wine cellar

Darty This wine cellar can hold up to twenty-two bottles, but that doesn't mean it will stain your living room! Four wooden shelves allow you to discover the vintages once the door is open, so that the appliance is not too imposing, especially in a rather narrow room.