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Dulux Valentine presents the trendy colors of the new school year

Dulux Valentine presents the trendy colors of the new school year

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For the start of the 2011 school year, Dulux Valentine is enriching its palette with 6 new shades for living rooms and 5 new shades for the kitchen and bathroom. Back to school is also an opportunity to present a trend book offering ideas for color combinations.

A cocoon room

Dulux Valentine ### In the adult bedroom, we rather choose a cocoon of sweetness! The bedroom becomes a cozy nest when you combine natural colors such as the "Log" for a headboard and the "Biscuit" shade for the rest of the room.

A sweet living room

Dulux Valentine ### Back to school, make way for tenderness! In the living room, we put on a shades of gray with which we associate the tenderness of pink. We use colors to delimit spaces and enhance the decorative elements of the house.

An atmosphere of gray

Dulux Valentine ### We stage the different volumes by playing on contrasts in the same tone. A mixture of "Pepper" and "Gray concrete" will be the most beautiful effect. Do not hesitate to place the dark color in an alcove to create a feeling of intimacy.

Pop cuisine

Dulux Valentine ### In the kitchen, we allow ourselves some eccentricities by opting for a color contrast. The walls take on a natural "Cocoon" color and the kitchen furniture energizes the whole with a "Violet Pop".