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20 decorative novelties to enhance the pool

20 decorative novelties to enhance the pool

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The sun is finally there, and it is with pleasure that we slowly begin to discover our pools to enjoy the first days of summer. To accompany these pleasant moments of relaxation, we put on a decoration at the top of the trend. Deckchairs, luminous balls, straw huts and other hiding places are waiting for you. Here are 20 new features to make your pool the most beautiful this summer.

An outdoor shower

Leroy Merlin This summer, we adopt the outdoor shower not only because it is comfortable not to have to spin to the bathroom to rinse before or after swimming but also because the new models offer design lines that are sure to refine the style of your pool.

A swimming pool with a lagoon

Diffazur The new pools compete in originality to make you dream! This summer, you will find models that integrate a lagoon, that is to say a slightly submerged space that will allow you to lie down at the water's edge while remaining refreshed. There are even models that mimic the sand for an exotic beach feel.

Decorative lighting

Desjoyaux We knew the globes and the luminous flower pots to be installed around the swimming pool, here that the lights to enhance the latter are diversifying and we now find pretty lanterns running on solar energy. They will adapt better to a more traditional swimming pool and will be decorative both day and night.

A bridge across the pool

Diffazur Inspired by Japanese pools, the pool can become a real decorative element in your garden. The new trend? Cross it with a decorative bridge that young and old alike will quickly use as a diving board.

Decorative tiles

Desjoyaux After the classic pool fountains, here it is now dressed in a pop and modern touch thanks to patterned tiles in a contemporary style. The tiling does not stop there and even installs on the inner edge of the pool to give it style.

Copings that come off the beaten track

Diffazur You thought you did not have the choice concerning the coping of your swimming pool? Be aware that if you want something more authentic than simple non-slip tiles, you can also opt for real beautiful cut stones. A real asset for swimming pools in old houses.

The decorative pool even after dark

Desjoyaux Lighting around the pool is good, but lighting inside the pool is even better! Thanks to LED systems, you can even change the color of the water to create a lounge atmosphere after dark. Enough to make you want to swim midnight.

Terrace and pool all in one

Piscinelle Here is a novelty that should transform your pool. Thanks to the new sliding terraces, you can not only make your pool disappear under it but you can also benefit from a sunbathing area almost feet in the water.

A movable pool floor

DP Piscine This is undoubtedly the most spectacular innovation: the swimming pools with movable bottom allow the swimming pool to disappear in the blink of an eye thanks to a lifting platform which transforms into a terrace. The decorative advantage of this type of pool? It is the coating of the terrace that is found at the bottom of the pool and wood for example can then replace the traditional turquoise blue. Amazing!

A natural deckchair

Delamaison Easy to transport thanks to its large castors, this wooden deckchair in a natural and relaxing style will be your ally to enjoy the first rays of the sun by the pool.

A designer waterfall

Go Pool To believe you are in distant lands with each swim in your pool, consider installing a waterfall that we appreciate as much for its design look as for the very pleasant sound of the waterfall.

A jar full of charm

Guadeloupe decoration If you prefer the more authentic style, you can also opt for a beautiful terracotta jar that you will install on pebbles to raise it. To accompany it, consider placing terracotta flower pots in its ribs in the same color.

A colorful pouffe

Delamaison To sunbathe by the pool and bring a little pep to the decor, we choose without hesitation these large colorful poufs on which we can sit in pairs. Their little extra? They float and can therefore be used in water!

Luminous balls

Maisons du Monde Favorite for these white and bright balls that are installed in large numbers around the pool. To create a graphic effect, you can also choose them in different sizes.

An indoor swimming pool

Terracotta Swimming Pool The advantage of this swimming pool is that you can swim in it as well in summer… as in winter! Its very elegant black metal shelter allows us to open it on sunny days to the delight of children.

Funny thermometers

La Redoute Children also have a say in the decor of the pool. The proof with these funny thermometers that will brighten up their many games.

Bright flower pots

Maginea In addition to sublimating your flowers throughout the day, these large white pots light up the edge of your pool as soon as daylight falls. Do not hesitate to install several to create a soft and intimate atmosphere.

An exotic hut

Terracotta Swimming Pool Bring a touch of vacation and exoticism to your pool with this little hut that will serve as a parasol. This year, Brazil is coming to you!

A trendy garden furniture

Maisons du Monde Trendy for several seasons, woven resin is invited by the pool in a gray and natural version. Armchairs, sofa, coffee table or even side table, we adopt them all!