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Unusual: a hotel under the sign of the 7 deadly sins

Unusual: a hotel under the sign of the 7 deadly sins

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Do you love unusual places? You may be seduced by this original hotel to say the least. Imagined by the designer Chantal Thomass, the decor of the Vice Versa Hotel showcases the 7 deadly sins through 37 rooms, spread over 7 floors and each more unusual than the next. Each capital has its own sin: between gluttony, laziness, anger, lust, envy, pride and greed, what will be yours? Guided tour of the premises.

The welcome, a real little corner of paradise

François Le Prat After passing the elegant black glass doors, you enter paradise. Immaculate, the hall of the Vice Versa Hotel is very spacious and cozy to perfection. Decorated with numerous comfortable armchairs, an atmosphere comparable to a cocoon prevails in this reception area.

The gourmet breakfast room

François Le Prat And because gluttony is one of the 7 deadly sins (and perhaps our favorite), the Vice Versa Hotel offers a breakfast room that combines pleasure of the eyes and pleasure of the palate.

The gourmet room

François Le Prat Let's start our visit to the upper floors with the gourmet room, which is already mouth watering. Between pink and pastel colors, macaroon cushions, Cupcake office chair and fork carpet, here, impossible to resist your cute sin!

The laziness room

François Le Prat A veritable invitation to dream, the laziness bedroom seduces us with its bucolic decoration. Floral carpet on the floor and butterflies on the walls and ceiling, all elements conducive to relaxation. Summum of laziness? The large bathtub that sits in the middle of the room. We would spend a few nights there, would you?

The angry room

François Le Prat Passionate and aggressive. Red and black colors, lightning on the walls, BANG BANG sticker on the ceiling, portraits of Marie-Antoinette painted and revolver carpet, at least the tone is set in this room in the image of anger.

The lust room

François Le Prat All dressed in pink and black, the lust room is aptly named. Set of mirrors on the ceiling, lace headboard, soft lighting and suggestive photos on the walls, everything is there to make you succumb to temptation for one night.

The room envy

François Le Prat Notice to shopaholics assumed, or who ignore each other! Here is a room made to measure for you. On the wall, a trompe-l'oeil showcases all kinds of fashion accessories: shoes with heels, bags, perfumes, jewelry, make-up ... A real Ali Baba's cave that will stir up all your lusts.

The pride room

François Le Prat Enter the pride room and immerse yourself in an atmosphere that is both rich and sparkling. On the program of this royal suite which recalls the splendor of the Louis XIV years, gold everywhere, marble, statues, noble materials and, on the ceiling, a quote which sums up perfectly the atmosphere of the room: "Me, Myself and I".

The avarice room

François Le Prat Clou of the visit, the stingy room that will delight lovers of big cuts and safes. Banknotes are everywhere, from the headboard to the ceiling and, on the wall, the bricks are reminiscent of the vaults of the big banks. Something to sleep on both ears.


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