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Swimming pools with original shapes

Swimming pools with original shapes

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It’s hot, you’re just looking forward to diving into your above ground pool! While waiting for the weekend, we decided to make you dream a little ... Exit the simple square or rectangular pools and make way for the most preposterous geometric shapes. A selection of indoor, outdoor, natural and overflow pools ... So? Which one do you prefer ?

Integrated sun lounger

Aquilus Piscines A quarter of this square pool is dedicated to the installation of a sunbathing area and a garden shower. A detail that makes all its originality.


Aquilus Piscines This beautiful stair-shaped swimming pool allows an intuitive separation of the spaces on the terrace. Each "walk" has its own space!


Aquilus Piscines Both beautiful and original, this two-tone pool seems to be the assembly of two different rectangular pools.

A rounded pelvis, but not only

Diffazur Here is a swimming pool which makes us revise the geometric shapes! A rounded basin opens onto two rectangles of different depths. Could it be a jacuzzi corner, hidden in a semicircle on the right of the image?

Like a sandbank

Diffazur You would almost think you were on the Arcachon basin when you look at this sandbank pool.

The softness of the rounding

Waterair The Eva pool model sold by the company Waterair does not correspond to any known shape. Rounded, it brings softness to the outside of this beautiful house.

Head in the cloud

Waterair When you dream of summer, you will now think of this beautiful cloud-shaped pool.

Like by the sea

Marinal pools Exit the pool steps. Here, you enter the water as you enter the sea: gradually.

Micro pool for small terrace

Carré Bleu swimming pools Who said that a terrace was not enough to install a swimming pool?

Geometry and bathing bench

Concept Pools Relax in the first pool before going for a dip in the next.

A swimming pool in the mountains

Piscines Concept Installed in a chalet in Megève, this pool merges into the bay window and fits perfectly into the room. Little more: the jacuzzi pool.

Three circles and a palm tree

Art Deco Piscine What originality! Three circles of three different depths surround a pretty palm tree.

This is not a lake

Natura Dream This is the beauty of natural pools: they blend in perfectly with the decor.

A cut rectangle

Pools & Private Beach You had to think about it. The owners of this house had the idea of ​​cutting their pool to save space on the teak patio.

Nice neighborhood

Swimming pool & private beach And why not opt ​​for a swimming pool in a quarter circle?

Under the awning

JCB Jacquinot Biodesign Pools If you don't look too closely, you could almost believe that the entrance to this pool is through the door of the house.

Indoor pool… But not too much!

Desjoyaux Thanks to a bay window, this swimming pool opens to the outside at the arrival of sunny days.

A heated canopy

Swimming pools freedom Here is a beautiful example of a free-form swimming pool, impossible to name but still very pretty. Its real plus: the heated canopy that can be deployed.

In & Out

Esprit Piscine Who said you had to make a choice between indoor and outdoor pools? Certainly not Esprit Piscine who built this beautiful pool, half inside, half outside.


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