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The Grand Hôtel Cabourg

The Grand Hôtel Cabourg

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Direction Calvados, in Cabourg, to discover an exceptional establishment, Le Grand Hôtel Cabourg. This prestigious hotel built in 1907 harmoniously combines the Italian Renaissance and Belle Époque styles. He is now taking on a new youth and joined the MGallery collection of the Accor group two years ago. The hotel is one of the only prestigious establishments on the Normandy coast to offer direct access to the beach ... A charming destination in the city of romanticism ...

The Grand Hôtel Cabourg

Serge Detalle-JAcques Lebar-Stefan Kraus Welcome to the Grand Hôtel Cabourg… An emblematic establishment located on the Marcel Proust Promenade in Cabourg. The author will refer to it in his work under the name Grand Hôtel de Balbec.

The entry hall

Serge Detalle-JAcques Lebar-Stefan Kraus An interior architecture with a very Belle Époque style that offers a resolutely upscale decor.

One of the 70 rooms

Serge Detalle-JAcques Lebar-Stefan Kraus A refined and romantic decoration for the 70 rooms of the Grand Hôtel Cabourg. All offer views of the sea or the splendid flower gardens

Room with stripes

Serge Detalle-JAcques Lebar-Stefan Kraus Each of the four floors of the hotel has been named in honor of mythical personalities from Cabourg: MArcel Prosut, Colonel Jean-Baptiste Prion, Bruno Coquatrix and Sandrine Bonnaire

View on the sleeve

Serge Detalle-JAcques Lebar-Stefan Kraus A romantic moment facing the square and the English Channel. Cabourg has been hosting the Romantic Film Festival for 25 years (this year) and the Grand Hotel has welcomed the biggest names in national and international cinema.

A restaurant room

Serge Detalle-JAcques Lebar-Stefan Kraus The Le Balbec restaurant offers a gastronomic menu where seafood and Norman specialties rub shoulders. Enjoy a moment of sharing around a table facing the beautiful Cabourg beach


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