Misappropriation of objects in the garden

Misappropriation of objects in the garden

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Are you looking to customize the decoration of your garden at low prices? Discover the diversion of objects, and create decorative candle holders, original planters, very natural tables and nest boxes…

Divert a wheelbarrow into a planter

Leroy Merlin An unused child or adult wheelbarrow? Quickly, before offering or throwing it away, we think of transforming it into an original planter. It is sure, this romantic setting should arouse the admiration of the guests!

Divert fabric by the meter in decorative awning

Ikéa Suspended between two linen threads, a large canvas of floral fabric bought by the meter turns into an awning. Perfect for bringing some shade to our outdoor meals. Chic, isn't it?

Divert cardboard into a play house Raw cardboard is not only useful during moves. In the garden, we use a few cardboard scraps to build a teepee that will delight children! All without paying a single penny.

Divert a tree trunk into a side table

This is ingenious. Rather than completely shave this tree trunk planted in the middle of the garden, its owners have made it a decorative and functional support. Now it acts as an extra dining table! Who says better ?

Divert a log into a birdhouse

Truffaut In the same spirit of a 100% natural object diversion, here is a log transformed into a shelter for birds!

Divert an old fabric into a decorative garland

Ikéa After the "awning" option, we think, why not, to cut a fabric with triangular patterns to create, this time, a pretty decorative garland.

Divert paper lampshades into festive garlands

Maisons du Monde Another idea to make a chic and unusual garland that in no way resembles that of the neighbor: hang on one, two or three wires, colored paper lampshades. Create enchantment in your garden!

Divert a handling pallet in a vegetable patch

Truffaut The handling pallets are fully anchored in the "object diversion" trend. Even outside! The proof with this vegetable patch designed from planks repainted in trendy purple!

Divert disposable bags in pot holders

Ikéa Besides the classic planters, in terracotta and plastic, new models appear, unusual and inexpensive. Like those paper bags that don't care about bad weather!


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