Villa Marie, a unique atmosphere by the Mediterranean

Villa Marie, a unique atmosphere by the Mediterranean

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Villa Marie, route des Plages… divine idyll! Rejuvenate in the heart of a distinguished building with the look of an Italian villa and Mediterranean charm of the 1950s. Nestled in the middle of a magnificent three-hectare pine forest overlooking the enchanting Pampelonne Bay, Villa Marie de Ramatuelle offers you four new suites that create a great introduction to a southern chromatic universe studied between identity, emotion and innovation. An azure sky, golden ocher facades, lush nature and crystal clear water set the tone for a sweet and rejuvenating stay ...

Cap Camarat

DR The interior of the *** Cap Camarat *** suite with a Florentine spirit is available in tart, elegant and refined tones. The chic and contemporary look of this room is evident…

Villa Marie outdoor restaurant

DR Villa Marie's restaurant, luxuriously nestled in uneven gardens and Provencal scents, stands out for its style and elegance. Its private terrace offers a dazzling panorama…

Cap Taillat Suite

DR The dominant turquoise color of the *** Cap Taillat *** suite goes perfectly with a variation of taupe. A romanticism that reigns without complex, revealing an almost personal atmosphere ...

Villa Marie terrace

DR A true oasis of well-being, where different species of palm trees, centuries-old conifers, flowering trees and a beautiful rose garden near the beaches and the bustling life of Saint-Tropez coexist.

Villa Marie SPA

DR The *** Spa Pure Altitude *** invites you to experience moments of deep relaxation in a harmonious setting, adorned with white and navy and sand tones.

Villa Marie 6

DR Lamps in carved gilded wood, furniture harmoniously combining Baroque trends with curved and 50s and 60s dressers such as a rosewood desk, black lacquered bedside tables…

Outdoor dinner with friends villa marie

DR The bar, pearly shell and dressed in a coral tone, reveals its multiple facets to receive in a friendly atmosphere in a seaside atmosphere, shellfish and crustaceans. An invitation to travel…