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Meeting rooms and open space: full of layout ideas

Meeting rooms and open space: full of layout ideas

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Immersion in the world of corporate offices to catch some good ideas for planning, layout and decoration. Here are premises that are not always spacious, which prove to us that even small spaces can easily be converted into practical meeting rooms and open space.

One behind the other

Ikéa We love these desks lined up one behind the other, where everyone finds their marks and their share of privacy. A way to create an open space and an effective way to improve working conditions, and promote concentration and efficiency.

Large table

Ikéa Free-lance, intern, employees on telecommuting, a laptop, a peeling journal, a notepad, a pen and a coffee in hand, and here they settle down as they wish around 'a large table.

Work square

Ikéa Very popular, the square layout, two against two or more, makes it possible to optimize the number of stations within the same area by grouping them by work centers.

In a staggered arrangement

Ikéa Offices face to face, side by side, aligned in one direction or the other: here, the workspace mixes colors and arrangements to obtain an open space anything but wise and classic: it becomes trendy and dynamic!

Thoughtful trio

Ikea Judiciously fitted out, this office divided into 3 separate offices each surmounted by a semi-partition, allows everyone to make better use of their space. The latter, although small, offers everything needed to work well.


Ikea The reception desk must stand out from the rest. Here, it is well highlighted, and covered with a slate coating on which a sentence of the day can be written each morning.


Ikéa Here is a workspace in which the offices do not make fuss. A wooden plank on feet, an articulated auxiliary lamp and a computer installed where there is room, do the trick.

XXL table

Ikéa Here is an imposing but classic meeting table intended to accommodate a maximum of employees.

Attached tables

Ikéa An example of an improvised meeting room in the company kitchen: tables for two people arranged in length to form just one. After all, small spaces rhyme with modularity!


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