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For the decoration in the nursery: get inspired!

For the decoration in the nursery: get inspired!

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The golden rule for the nursery? A decor full of sweetness, promise of a soothing environment for toddlers. Here are 5 examples!


La Redoute ### If you want to bet on a refreshing decor so that baby is not too hot in summer, choose white! From walls to furniture, through blinds or carpets, this all-white decor has what it takes to guarantee a soothing space for the well-being of toddlers.

Authenticity in the spotlight

Authentic Style ### Notice to lovers of traditional decor. Here is a room entirely of wood clad, marrying wonderfully with light colors like white, pale gray or beige. Everything to preserve a relaxing and serene atmosphere for babies.

A little serenity

AM.PM ### It takes little to create a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere. To give a touch full of delicacy to the space, all it took was a very soft carpet, one or two cushions arranged here and there, linen curtains, a wardrobe with feminine finishes and colors embodying the well-being: hazelnut, light pink and white.


La Redoute ### Because opting for sober and light tones is not to everyone's taste, here is an example in image of a lightly tinted baby room. What brighten up the room of the future child.


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