The decorative jungle book

The decorative jungle book

This season, the Amazonian forest style will not spare the decor. Exotic flora and fauna invade all the rooms of the house: bedroom, bathroom, dining room ... Demonstration in pictures!

In the child's room

Domestic With toddlers, it is with a wallpaper high in leaves, in colors and in exoticism that their universe takes on the air of tropical jungle to make twirl their imagination and transport their playground to another destination!

In the garden

Sia If we consider the garden as yet another room in the house, see that even here, the jungle chic trend has passed.

In the dining room

AM.PM Table linen embodying an intensely tropical and strongly vegetal fauna and flora, that is enough to set in motion the jungle trend at meal time, to the delight of guests looking for a delicious moment of change of scenery .

In the bathroom

Little Greene Tropical green color chart and leafy wallpaper will have succeeded in taking this bathroom to the heart of the jungle for a soothing relaxation.

In the living room

Ikea A few cushions and an armchair dressed in dense foliage, a predilection guaranteed for the color green: this is the winning recipe allowing to inject a jungle style, chic and subtle, in the living room.

In the corridor

Zara Home Even the hallway does not escape the "jungle chic" trend. A simple decorative box adorned with banana leaves and exotic flowers is enough to set the trend!

In the library

Ikea A book, just one, will be enough to make the library corner travel in the hollow of dense and tropical vegetation and a soft seat upholstered according to his claims. Long live the jungle book!

In the entrance

Zara Home Plates with a leopard print, a parrot, a butterfly or a pretty flower: this is how to take off the entrance to the Amazon side in 3 - 4 objects only.

In the kitchen

Maisons du Monde By storing in our kitchen drawers, beautiful banana leaves serving as table mats, it seems that here too has been tamed the big trend of the summer.