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The dining room says yes to the light wood trend

The dining room says yes to the light wood trend

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Elegant, delicate and just the right amount of refined, light wood definitely has everything! This season we hasten to adopt it in the bedroom, the kitchen but also in the dining room where it brings softness barely installed. Tables, chairs, buffets, all the furniture takes on the trend. Discover 10 dining rooms that are already suitable.

A round table

Ikéa Dresser, buffet, dining table, chairs, in this living room all the furniture is displayed in light wood version. And to be even more in trend, we put on the floor a carpet with black and white stripes that energizes the atmosphere.

A wood-metal table

Quodes When light wood and colored metal combine, this gives this elegant dining table with a unique look. In a very modern room or on the contrary in a more classic space, it will become in the blink of an eye the central element.

An original table

Cassina We particularly like the atypical shape of this dining table which offers a real touch of originality to the dining room. To keep this singular side, we install around chairs with a futuristic look but no less comfortable.

A table with a Scandinavian look

Maisons du Monde If you only have a small space to create a dining room but you want to succumb to the light wood trend, bet on this round table with fine feet with a decidedly Scandinavian look.

A table with its bench

Odesi Same shape, same color, this dining table accompanied by its bench easily finds its place in a contemporary and designer dining room.

A designer table

Muuto Totally in tune with the times, this dining room has successfully combined two current trends in style: light wood and pastel shades. The dining table as the chairs play it design. We love !

A table with compass feet

Maisons du Monde Sweet and Scandinavian-inspired, this dining room has it all. The table and the row have chosen light wood to enhance the room. Bet successful once installed on a dark gray wall and floor.

A table that imposes

Vincent Sheppard In this dining room, the light wooden dining table leads the way. To soften the atmosphere, install around the rattan seats, placed on very contemporary metal legs.

A table with ease

Normann Copenhague No need to do too much, the light wooden table is also available in a simple and refined version. Here, even the chairs play the game, with a metal base to bring a small dose of modernity.


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