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The natural garden

The natural garden

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If for you, the garden is above all a green space to enjoy nature, it is necessary to favor an ultra natural atmosphere both in the layout and in the furniture. To help you create your nature bubble, here are some garden inspirations.

Plant furniture

Arnaud Childéric / Botanic For your furniture to play the natural card, you can also treat yourself to a garden lounge with a plant design. In wood, it takes on a skilful weaving that could blend into the natural vegetation.

The nature suggested

Castorama If you don't really have the possibility of integrating nature into your outdoor space, you can cheat using synthetic elements. We put false grass on the ground and we add synthetic sheets on the balcony to protect ourselves from view.

False grass on the wall

Castorama And to separate a shared garden without wall space, why not cover the fence with synthetic grass? You will then have an impression of nature while protecting yourself from looks.

A wild garden

Arnaud Childéric / Botanic If you want your garden to reflect wild nature, leave it in its original state and play the pioneer card by installing a few hammocks between the trees. Change of scenery guaranteed without leaving the garden.

The natural terrace

Arnaud Childéric / Botanic On the terrace, play with wood to create a natural space both on the ground and for garden furniture. And to complete the decor, green the space as much as possible.

Total wood look

Arnaud Childéric / Botanic On this terrace, we put on the total wood look to create a harmonious natural spirit. We take care to choose a similar wood for the terrace boards and the furniture which also uses the boards.

Drink again and again

Leroy Merlin And to go further in the wood spirit, you can play the total look on the ground, in the furniture but also on the walls with a wooden trellis and with the accessories with wooden pots.

A green terrace

Castorama If your garden is surrounded by four walls, don't panic! You can bring a natural atmosphere by installing plants on all the sides to create a kind of vegetable hedge that will make the walls forget.

The vegetable garden

Leroy Merlin Finally, for a garden that breathes nature, do not hesitate to transform it into a vegetable garden by growing all kinds of vegetables. You will decorate everything with flowers to create an atmosphere like in the countryside.


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