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Habitat presents its new outdoor collection 2014

Habitat presents its new outdoor collection 2014

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** Year after year, we look forward to the Habitat outdoor collection. The brand has the capacity to offer trendy collections, attractive and full of originality. In town or in the countryside, whether you have a balcony, a terrace or a garden, you will find your happiness among the tables, chairs and even lounge chairs signed Habitat. Discover, through this slideshow, the new outdoor collection of the Habitat brand. **


Timeless habitat, wood is renewed every year to shine in our outdoor spaces. Here we discover a simple and warm wooden set that matches perfectly with the clear fabric of the seats.

All in color

Habitat Put a little color in your garden is possible! Habitat also offers you this beautiful red parasol that will add pep to your outdoors.


Habitat What could be more convivial than a bench! In the heart of the garden or around the table, the bench finds its place while offering a warm and family side.


Habitat Relaxing outdoors is possible thanks to Habitat and the lounge chairs from the new outdoor collection. We love this white model, as simple as it is modern, which will go well with all types of cushions.

A pretty table

Habitat The table is the essential element of a good meal taken outside. You will love taking the time to sip a drink or enjoy your grilled meats and salads around this Cabana table signed Habitat.


Habitat Color is in the spotlight with this chair and this red table. In the garden or on the balcony, these elements will shine with their originality.

A nice parasol

Habitat This parasol brilliantly combines wood and beige color. It will go well with a white, wooden or colored garden furniture and any type of decoration. It is a must in the 2014 outdoor collection!

A little English side

Habitat This garden furniture reminds us of English exteriors. We like the warm side and the white color which allows to give free rein to his imagination in terms of table decoration. It is the favorite of the editorial staff.


Habitat Thanks to this wooden lounge chair, you can relax in the sun or in the shade of a tree or a pretty parasol. Choose a cushion according to your desires and enjoy a moment of serenity.


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