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10 eco-friendly courses to discover

10 eco-friendly courses to discover

Do you want your interior to respect nature? Thanks to eco-friendly furniture, it's possible! So to start, we offer eco-friendly seats that do not give up on the decorative side. Discover our selection in pictures.

Rattan chair

Garden Choice For a natural and ecological armchair, we can turn to the raw rattan which comes from the palm tree and which has a natural resistance to external conditions which avoids many chemical treatments.

A pouf in pants

Art terre Unique piece, this ottoman is made from a solid French oak structure and recycled velvet pants. Know that it takes between 20 and 40 pants to create an ottoman and that the collection and manufacturing are done by an association for the integration of women in Loire Atlantique.

A felt pouffe

Buzzispace Felt is an ecological material because it is actually wool that has been boiled to obtain this particular texture which has the advantage of being soft to the touch and very soft.

A pvc ottoman

Reversible To recycle pvc tarpaulins used in advertising for example, Reversible had the idea of ​​making original poufs. And to complete the ecological process, the poufs are lined with recycled polyester.

A responsible foundation

Ouma Productions An essential piece of Indian furniture, this seat is made of sheesham wood from replanted forests and made of cotton, jute or recycled ropes.

A wooden stool

Fairsens This ultra decorative stool is entirely made in France from eco-labeled spruce. The assembly is assembled without glue and uses the interlocking system. Finally, the finishing oil is eco-certified and digital cutting is used to minimize scrap wood.

A pouf in a sail

727 sailbags If you want a unique creation which combines a concept of sustainable development with its conception, why not offer yourself an ottoman made from used boat sails?

A wooden pouffe

Ekobo Handmade, this original and colorful pouffe uses bamboo as a raw material to limit its impact on the environment. It is also made by hand to obtain an artisanal quality.

An alpaca sofa

Andi Art Finally, if you want a larger seat, you can turn to this sofa made in France which uses alpaca wool as material for its cushions.