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Baroque style decor in the bathroom

Baroque style decor in the bathroom

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What if the bathroom had an ultra-theatrical decor where pattern and material are king? Thanks to the baroque style, your bathroom becomes a grandiose space where all the extravagance is allowed. Zoom on the baroque style in the bathroom.

A cozy atmosphere

Aubade ### To give a baroque atmosphere to the bathroom, we opt for a cozy atmosphere. Choose white furniture to which you will add a gray wall and another black for a very intimate style.

An eccentric style

Aubade ### Imagine the bathroom as a traditional room with decorative objects like carpets, armchairs ... On the material side, choose cozy objects and other precious ones that will bring shine to your decor.

A profusion of matter

Aubade ### The baroque style is undoubtedly that of the material! We do not hesitate to play with the different matt, shiny, satin aspects and we vary the materials used to create a real patchwork.

A precious piece

Aubade ### The bathroom becomes a precious setting. Choose bright materials, gold and silver colors, use mirrors and choose lacquered furniture to give the room a jewel look.


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