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Close-up on the different types of showers

Close-up on the different types of showers

Because its use is daily and it rhymes with well-being and relaxation, the choice of shower deserves special attention. Small illustrated summary of the different existing models.

Classic shower room

Leroy Merlin Another good news for this type of shower: to be assembled in stages. These range from fitting the shower tray to the drain, from the taps to the curtain or the shower screen.

2nd option: the Italian shower

Leroy Merlin The difference between a classic shower and an Italian shower lies in the recipient. While the first tank is placed above ground, the second one is buried. Thus, we obtain a walk-in shower, more easily accessible, especially for people with reduced mobility.

Italian shower

Leroy Merlin That's not all! If the trend "walk-in shower" is so popular, it is because the unity of its surface makes it a space that is easy to maintain and above all, incredibly aesthetic! Minimalism and clean lines at the end.

Italian shower bathroom

HSK Note that in terms of design, all possibilities coexist. From the total mosaic look to the tiled floor with a frieze, from the walk-in walk-in shower to the fully fenced door model, there is something for everyone.

3rd option: the shower cabin

Lapeyre The shower cabin is the ready-to-install kit option! In short, the easiest to install.

Shower cubicle

Lapeyre It's simple: it is fully equipped with everything involved in installing a shower. A shower tray, a knob, a mixer tap, a wall and a drain!

4th option: the bathtub combo

Leroy Merlin The bathtub combination or how to combine a bathtub and a shower in one single point! A really practical dual function pairing to combine the fast daily shower and the relaxing baths on days off!

Shower bath

Monsieur Bricolage This little luxury is obtained by installing the necessary shower on a wall adjacent to the bathtub: taps, fittings, etc.

Shower screen bathtub

Mr. DIY If necessary to avoid splashing, we also install a half-partition on the bathtub!

5th option: the hydromassage shower

Leroy Merlin With a simple system of recessed nozzles, you can enjoy the benefits of a massage while staying in your shower. The hydromassage cabin has a double vocation: to stimulate and wake up in the morning and to relax and soothe in the evening.

Hydromassage shower

Leroy Merlin There are two types of hydromassage cabins. The first, with its multi-jet system, is ideal when you have good water pressure because all the nozzles operate at the same time. In the second, the sequential system makes it possible to control each nozzle independently thanks to an electronic remote control unit.

6th option: the hammam shower

Thalassor The hammam cabin allows you to enjoy a good steam bath before taking a shower. Convenient to relax without leaving your home after a hard day at work.

Hammam shower

Castorama To install a hammam shower at home, it is necessary to connect it and supply it with water, unlike the sauna. Level space, generally count a square of 90x90cm on the ground for the smallest models.

7th option: the secure shower

Royal Independence Almost half of domestic falls take place in the bathroom. To try to avoid them, secure showers are the best allies. Adapted to the size of the bathroom and the motor skills of each, they are essential to maintain your independence as you age.

Secure shower

Saniconfort Designed for people with loss of mobility, secure showers therefore have no ledge to step over. They also have a non-slip floor, an anti-slip and ergonomic seat as well as one or more grab bars to prevent falls.

8th option: the outdoor shower

Valente Design The outdoor shower subtly dresses the edge of the pool while making it very practical to rinse off after a bath in chlorine.

Outdoor shower

Pdr Equipped with a variable size tank, the outdoor shower works very simply: the water is heated by the sun. As for its installation, it's a breeze. Just connect it to your outdoor tap and wait for the sun to do its job.