My Roland Garros decor

My Roland Garros decor

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Roland Garros brings together nearly 400,000 spectators each year. A craze that extends to the decor. So get the spirit of the game out of the stadium and let yourself be seduced by our decorative selection. Rackets diverted in mirror, tennis player sticker or even referee's seats play the extensions in your interior. Now, it's your turn to play !

An armchair worthy of a Roland Garros referee

Oasiq Take a little height in your decor with this seat which is inspired by the seats of the referees. In pastel colors, it exists in powder pink, sky blue and almond green. The simplicity of its lines allows it to coordinate easily with any style of garden furniture.

Vintage tennis rackets

Denicheuse These rackets have truncated their strings against a mirror that matches the shape of the inside of the racket. In addition, their vintage-inspired structure adds extra soul to your decor.

Roland Garros bath towel

Carré Blanc The Roland Garros effect is extended to the bathroom with this terry towel inspired by the flags present in the enclosure. A nice wink to offer for all tennis fans!

A tennis player sticker

Mandellia In the bedroom or the playroom, this sticker which takes the silhouette of a player in the service gives you a tennis lesson almost free!

Flash back

All Posters Why not afford a reproduction of the poster by artist Konrad Klapeck who draws the central court of Roland Garros in pencil. Representing the whole spirit of the stadium seen by a tennis ball, we like its vintage aspect which will introduce a retro side to your decor.

Tennis court mouse pad

Exclamation Sports The euphoria of the Central court even wins your computer with this clay-colored mouse pad, so emblematic of Roland Garros.

3 sets seen by 5.5 designers

5.5 designers This kit was created for the 2009 tournaments by the 5.5 designers. Their goal: to reinterpret Roland Garros in 3 sets: stool in a tennis racket spirit, carafe with their glasses in the format of yellow balls and table to record the scores invite themselves in style in your decor.


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