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Glass bricks in the bathroom: several possibilities

Glass bricks in the bathroom: several possibilities

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Letting the light filter but not the view, the glass bricks are particularly pampered in the bathroom. In pictures, we explain why.

For bluish lighting

Lapeyre Available in a wide range of colors, glass bricks also become decorative accessories. The proof with this bathroom bathed in an intensely bluish light, ideal for combining bath and soothing. Thanks WHO ?

To benefit from the light of an adjoining room

Monsieur Bricolage To take advantage of the brightness of a room adjacent to the bathroom, nothing like a glass brick wall!

To separate the bathroom from the bedroom

Leroy Merlin Same principle for this bathroom separated from the adjoining bedroom by a glass brick wall!

Instead of a window

Le Mag Habitat Equip the bathroom with an opening towards the outside without having to ask for the permit for the installation of a window, it is possible with glass bricks. Convenient to benefit from daylight without generating major administrative procedures.

As a shower screen

Lapeyre Favorite for this clad glass brick shower screen! Both translucent and opaque, unusual and design!

As a decorative partition

Leroy Merlin The decorative aspect of shower partitions continues to run its course. But in color this time! After all, this is one of the advantages of glass pavers: being inventive in terms of nuances!

As a semi-partition

To complete the arrangement of a walk-in shower in the bathroom by building a partition serving as a support for the glass doors: why not rely on the originality of the glass bricks rather than a tiled wall?

To let the light in the whole bathroom

Monsieur Bricolage Instead of letting the shower shade the sink and storage space in the bathroom, we put on a shower screen to let the light filter in. We know the material!

To benefit from natural light

Lapeyre In the same line, glass bricks easily bring light to dark and dark bathrooms.


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